The European Commission is consulting on whether to ban third-party software from "radio equipment" (e.g. home routers).

The consultation closes TONIGHT at midnight, Brussels time (23:00 UTC).

More info:


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@jack first the overzealous copyright proposal an now this. I see that EU politicians are getting their runbooks from US counterparts...

@hayalci Their logic on this one is *slightly* more sane... although I think it would be difficult for it to be worse than the copyright directive on that front.

I chalk this one down to a failure to consider the bad consequences rather than outright denial of them.

@hayalci Though I reserve the right to change my mind once they publish their conclusions 😅

@jim I'm not sure; I've not heard anything since the feedback period closed.

I think there's going to be a more formal consultation later in the year shaped by the responses. Presumably after the new Commission takes office but who knows...

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