ICANN's Chairman says the community's opposition to the private equity takeover of .ORG is making this "a challenging time" for ICANN and the Internet Society. Let's keep challenging them to stand up for nonprofits' speech. Sign the petition at savedotorg.org.

@cwebber Make sure you get in contact with the IRCv3 Working Group rather than relying on the IETF RFCs - nobody implents IRC to the specs as written (especially 281x) anymore (if they ever did to begin with)


Fediverse drama 

TFW: You connect to a server, and it is out of disk space *so* badly that bash completion won't even work

OK we need to stop with the argument : "we can't block trackers because then the web won't work anymore." I have been using Brave, Firefox (with Privacy Badger & HTTPS Everywhere), Samsung Internet with Disconnect (& built in tracking protection) & Safari (with Better blocker and 3rd party cookies disabled) for years now. I can report: the web works mostly fine without the tracking. In fact, it's great.

Holy shit, Samsung Smart TVs straight up send "snippets" of things that you watch back home to "to provide you with customized Smart TV experiences".


Search that page for the text: "Your Smart TV transfers video snippets or TV tuner information in order to determine the programs watched."


Monopoly for Millennials: "Forget real estate. You canโ€™t afford it anyway."

OK Boomer. Fuck you Hasbro.

(Yup, that's a real Monopoly version you can buy)

"A distinction must be made between advertising and "adtech" - digital analysis and advertising software. Traditional advertising was about building a brand. It used to be like this: if you read a newspaper, the newspaper didn't read you either. If you watched TV, the TV didn't see you either. The Internet has changed that. If you watch a video on Youtube today, Youtube will be watching you. Surveillance is at the heart of the business model. I call it "people farming"." - @aral

@Gargron I think the best you can do is to check when a user changes their password. Or maybe after X logins the password is checked against HIBP.

That's the only time you have the plaintext password.

What kind of dystopian corporate malarkey is this?

This is from Qualtrics BTW. If you don't know, it's an "experience management" company that sells analytics rebranded as magic

@asjmcguire I have precisely zero love for this government, but they're not banning the word brexit. At least not for anyone not than the government payroll in Parliament, anyway.

A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

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