Fun fact: each book scanned for the Internet Archive has a unique identifier, usually the title of the item, or its first 16 characters; the volume number, or 00 if there isn't one; and the first 4 characters of the author. So:

My friend said he didn't understand cloning.

I said, "That makes two of us!"

I hate that google calls standard IMAP auth โ€œless secureโ€ while simultaneously being restrictive about who is allowed to use their OAuth login. They make life harder for our users and tell them there is something wrong with our security model when really the issue is bureaucracy

Saw an ad for breathable underwear. I donโ€™t want my underwear to breath. That means itโ€™s alive, and what Iโ€™m making it do is weird

Jeffrey Epstein 

Chrome developer saying they canโ€™t reproduce a bug they introduced on elementary OS (and presumably any desktop with a close button on the left) because they couldnโ€™t reproduce it on โ€œLinux 18.04โ€ shows how much Google understands and cares about desktop Linux.

Hint: they donโ€™t.

BTW I definitely see performance as an issue of access. If the CEO, the investors, and the developers are all using beefy desktops on fast connections, then they'll never notice what their less fortunate customers are experiencing on a hand-me-down Android phone or a busted laptop with a HDD. It's easy to miss performance problems if you're not paying attention to users with less money than you.

I wonder if one reason more websites aren't accessible/performant is because of the underlying business model. If investors are always screaming at you about growth, then you'll focus on feature, features, features, to the detriment of less salient virtues like performance, accessibility, security, etc.

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Medieval guy #1: okay so what do turtles look like
Medieval guy #2: well they live in the water
Medieval guy #1: so they're fish?
Medieval guy #2: yea. also they bite you. And they have legs
Medieval guy #1: haha weird. What else
Medieval guy #2: they have a shell
Medieval guy #1: like a snail shell?
Medieval guy #2: idk it's some sort of shell. And they can pull their head inside the shell.
Medieval guy #1: ok I think I got it. How's this look
Medieval guy #2: perfect

One of the many things I find utterly revolting about the whole "trade sanctions affecting Microsoft GitHub-using small developers" is how somehow those trade sanctions can apparently be enforced against a small-time dev from Crimea, but magically enforcement becomes impossible when we're talking about NSO Group and other cyberarms peddlers selling to regimes and not even hiding with it.

@Gargron @rysiek my friend signed up to an instance and tried searching for relevant people/posts to follow. She couldn't find any and gave up on the fediverse as she was unable to find the tribe(s) she was looking for.

I suspect she is far from only person to have that experience.

I saw a question somewhere the other day from someone saying something like "my multiple Electron apps use a lot of resources, is it possible to use just one shared runtime to handle them all?" and I just yelled at the screen "IT'S CALLED A WEB BROWSER YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD" but I don't think they heard me.

for every quotable 'feel good' comment by ESR on FOSS/Open-Source there is a feel-bad comment about, oh, white supremacy wrt programming, the tech feminist cabal to destroy Linus, how homosexuals are generally pedophiles, etc. stop quoting him.

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@wilfredh I've seen several changelogs that describe how a library or program have "learned" new features as well

@jim I'm not sure; I've not heard anything since the feedback period closed.

I think there's going to be a more formal consultation later in the year shaped by the responses. Presumably after the new Commission takes office but who knows...

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