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Periodic reminder that the Myers-Briggs personality test is *not* an academically-sound or peer-reviewed psychological evaluation of any kind. It is a commercialized psychological astrology reading.
Gargron will boost a post that's nearly nothing except custom emoji, but claims that text formatting isn't appropriate for the fediverse

Okay, attempted update number two and nope - still 500ing πŸ™


Downgrading to 2.8.0 fixed that problem.

Welp, getting 500s after upgrading mastodon to 2.8.1 😩

Slavery 2.0 and how to avoid it: a practical guide for cyborgs

(This is the original English version of an article that I wrote for Issue 32 of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes – The German Federal Cultural Foundation – magazine.)

oh i know what movie sonic looks like, it looks like the output of that neural net that fills bad lineart with cat

Hey fediverse has anyone out there got any experience with fires and/or burning? My kitchen is currently engulfed in flames and from everything I've read that's generally a pretty bad thing. I really need some help or advice about this. I've been trying to inhale all the smoke myself to stop it ruining my furniture but there's just too much and it's actually pretty hot.
Boosts would be appreciated, this might be a long shot but I'm sure someone else out there has had this problem too.

people ask how bad Mastodon renders shit. so here’s a test post.




this text is bold

this text is italic

this text is both bold and italic



code sample

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(int argc, const char *restrict argv[]) { print("hello world\n"); return EXIT_SUCCESS; }

i mean, it is not really surprising that the head of mastodon does not understand accessibility. the firehose effect is probably the largest possible accessibility sin.

Ultimately the fire of Notre Dame is a sad loss of art, and if someone is using it as an opportunity to propel their social capital with edgy jokes, it is adviseable to unfollow/mute/block them

Guys: β€œWell you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: β€œElon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

TWITTER: your UI problems are utterly ignored by the devs so they can spend more time mixing up the order of the timeline
MASTODON: your UI problems are brutally subtooted by the lead developer within minutes

People on Mastodon will CW something like "aaah!!! i'm really in love" as "lewd"

While at the same having a display name like "Tentacle Domme Slut"

Buy bitcoin

I don't know why this is so funny but I can't stop laughing at it

Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. His platform sucks ass so now that governments are investigating it he's all like, I wish it could be better but there's no laws for it, it's not my fault! Fuck off

walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

Everyone wants a big tittied goth gf but what about a

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