I disagree with Purism's hands-off moderation approach and I have urged them to re-consider their stance.


@Gargron Will you be blocking their instances from mastodon.social?

@jack If the volume of bannable users from librem.one will become unbearable to handle on an individual basis, then a block will be introduced. For now it's a hypothetical.

@Gargron At least that would make more sense compared to a certain instance that's banned (not even media blocked) on mastodon.social, for the sole reason that it allows #artists to post "immoral artwork". Won't mention its name but I think everyone knows which that is.

That's also a good example as to why I strongly support Librem's no moderation approach: These days everything goes too far! What starts as justified #censorship for select cases almost always turns into random mass censoring.

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